oh boy! some fan favorites are coming back to the Fall show "BORN YESTERDAY"!

we are thrilled to see from "HAVING A WONDERFUL TIME, WISH YOU WERE HER"- Patrick Kenney! but he will not be naked this time, or almost naked from going out to the wilds with his wife Mary. Yay!

then, from "SOCIAL SECURITY", we have Nicholas Dahlman, Tony Rocha AND Camille Cooney (also from "SWEAT)! how did we get so lucky to get these performers to return? they must like us!

we also have returning to BOTTG the wonderfully talented David Foushee!

and from back-to-back 3rd of July Torcthlight Parade fame Michael Lester is in the cast!

carlene coury (director) is going to have a great time in rehearsal with this talented cast!

many BOTTG Production talents will be joining her, such as: set designer and builder Brian Hough,

newcomer stage manager Veronica Bearce, costumer Dyanne Vojvoda, properties Gwen Sampson, chief set painter Beate Bruhl, and new publicity photographer Michael Van Auken!

many hands on deck but volunteers are needed- contact us at:

more on the show later.....

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just a fun photo taken at the last cast and crew house party for "DON'T DRESS FOR DINNER"!

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