"BRAS For A Cause"

The Benicia Old Town Theatre Group is community active. Starting as the “Benicia Town Group” in 1964, our volunteers know how important it is to be active and supportive to each other in this community. You may see us parading on the 3rd of July, collaborating with Arts groups, and cheerfully celebrating holidays with other non-profit groups in town. We have been active members of the Benicia Chamber of Commerce for over 3 decades. We support each other.

There is another need in town. BOTTG hopes to raise awareness to it and provide donations to this particular local group during our current 2019 Spring drama “SWEAT.” beniciaoldtowntheatregroup.com for tickets.

The Tim and Jeannie Hamann Foundation helps individuals going through cancer treatments and they need a hand up during their journey. This local group works closely with Oncology Units as well as other Organizations. They help those fighting Cancer. But prior to the Foundation being established, with help from generous and supportive friends and relatives, they had been raising funds for Cancer Research since 2005. In 2015 Tim and Jeannie Hamann began the Foundation so they could help patients directly.

Benicia Old Town Theatre Group will present the Fundraiser “BRAS FOR A CAUSE” during this season. Volunteers have created outstanding art pieces and will be on display inside the theatre lobby. For each $5.00 Donation to the Tim and Jeannie Hamann Foundation, you may vote for the Best “Bra for a Cause”. The Bra creations will be silently auctioned. All of the proceeds benefit the Tim and Jeannie Hamann Foundation.

“A few” of the BRA CREATIONS are shown below (and more to come)

1st: Designed by Lillian Downing “We Together will NAIL Breast Cancer” 2nd: Designed by Carol Berman “Strength” 3rd: designed by JoAnn Boccolini “Cancer Sucks”

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just a fun photo taken at the last cast and crew house party for "DON'T DRESS FOR DINNER"!

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