So excited- Tickets now on sale!

Comedies continue to be the wish of our fans and we have not let you down! Opening October 19- Nov 10, the popular show "Social Security" will see one former cast member returning to us and 5 newbies to Benicia Old Town Theatre Group. Melaney Baker, the mother from "Having A Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Her," returns to our theatre family. This time, she plays the lovely wife of a New York art dealer in another hilarious comedy. The newcomers include Tony Rocha (plays "Martin"), Camille Cooney (plays his wife "Trudy"), Nicholas Dahlman (plays "David"), Jackie Blue (plays the ever -popular character "Sophie"), and "Maurice" is played by Eddie Roberts.

I have started creating costume images of the comedic characters in my head to share with the talented director, Clinton Vidal. Rehearsals will begin tomorrow night. Yikes! So, my process begins, with cast costume measurements, the Publicity Photoshoot with costumes soon with Joe Messina Photography. The show design graphics were completed by Gordon Gray Designs; the printed advertising postcards will be mailed out to our patrons next week. If you are on our mailing list, you will receive them soon. Look for posters around town. Tickets are also sold at the Benicia Chamber of Commerce. Our first ads came out in the Sept issue of Benicia Magazine and in the recent Benicia Film Festival brochure.

The online tickets went online Sept 1 and we are well on our way to building the momentum of this production. Brian Hough (Set Designer and Chief builder) is developing his stage design, Ken Hein is visualizing his Lighting Design, local artist Beate Bruhl (Chief Set Painter) is creating the design colors for the beautiful set, Properties Manager Karyn DeSouza is working on Props and assigning her Backstage Crew, Co-Bar Managers Cindy Smith and Michael Lester are gathering their team of bartenders, and new Board member, Donna Worthington is assembling her Front Desk Staff.

If any of these job tasks interest you, or you have wanted to volunteer, please contact us at our and we will train you OR maybe you can train us? All ages welcome to help!

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just a fun photo taken at the last cast and crew house party for "DON'T DRESS FOR DINNER"!

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